Here at Eco-nomic Insulation, we can supply a full range of thicknesses of our insulation board seconds. Our boards range in size from 12mm to 200mm thick, and can be supplied with either plasterboard or plywood laminate as you prefer. We also have a small stock of cavity wall insulation board seconds (1200 x 450mm), so just get in touch to see how we can help.


What are insulation board seconds?

Our Celotex seconds are delivered to us straight from the manufacturer as factory seconds. They are classed as seconds because they have not met the stringent quality control processes of the manufacturer themselves. It does not, however, mean they are no good for use.

Celotex seconds may have creases in the foil, there could be a slight variation in thickness across the board, or the foil might not come all the way to the end. They are still perfectly good for use, and give you the chance to use top quality insulation from a renowned supplier at a much cheaper cost.

What can our foam board insulation be used for?

Our cheap insulation boards are suitable for a variety of uses around the home. For example:

  • As cheap roof insulation, using the boards in between joists for a flawless finish
  • As cavity wall insulation, installing our Celotex seconds between the two skins of your wall
  • As floor insulation, installing boards underneath suspended wooden floors or as a base to a concrete floor
  • As insulation for sloping ceilings and false walls by installing it between plasterboard sections of rooms and roofs

Whether you’re refurbishing your existing home, building a new house or simply looking for cheap PIR insulation that still performs exceptionally, our Celotex seconds are a top choice for all your insulation needs.

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Why choose insulation board seconds?

Foam insulation like Celotex is preferable in many situations to traditional glass fibre or mineral wool insulation because:

  • It’s easier to install: No mess, no fuss, protective clothing must be worn when handling insulation boards.
  • It’s a better insulator: The low lambda values of Celotex means you can achieve better thermal performance from a smaller thickness of insulation, perfect for those who want to board our their loft or have limited space available
  • It’s highly durable: The need to replace Celotex insulation boards in your lifetime is not likely, as it does not sag, decay or reduce in performance over time
  • The boards are lightweight: This means you’ll find them easy to handle, even if you’re fitting them on your own. They are also suitable for modern construction methods and lighter supporting structures
  • They’re easy to cut too: For amateur DIY’ers and self-builders, being able to cut these boards to size with no stress and hassle is a great benefit

Product do not carry manufactures Warranty or Certification


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